5 Groundbreaking Bollywood Thrillers Recommendations That Will Alter Your Perception


Redefining Thrills: 5 Bollywood Thrillers Recommendation.

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Director – Vikram Kumar

Filmy Gyaan: If you find Indian horror movies less of thriller and more of comedy try watching this one? A friend of mine Sajid Hussian suggested me this movie and I was like every pommy I replied stating, eh! Because I felt that Indian audiences love horror but Indian filmmakers can’t make horror-thriller but this movie made me feel delusional about my self-proclaimed statement about Indian filmmakers. If your a wannabe Indie director like me I would suggest you should watch this movie it will honestly tell you how to direct an indie horror movie because trust me American horror is a different horror and you cannot show a powerful evil spirit that returns in Indian horror movies, remember the movie 1920: Evil returns an epic example of indie horror failure. In 13B they not just managed to show an Atma that is powerful and kills anyone in its way. But also justifies that why do Atma’s kill people.

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Taalash- An inspector loses his son and gets deeply involved in a case just to distract himself from the trauma caused by losing his only child.

Director – Reema Kagti

Filmy Gyaan: It’s a crime-thriller that turns into a Sci-Fa-thriller. I would have just called this movie, a Bollywood masala movie because there are loads of actors, writers, producers, involved at least by a dozen. My only reason to rate this movie as a thriller is the second half of the movie. By god, this is called an example of a “mousetrap” reference of one of Shakespeare’s styles of writing. I loved the way the story starts with a simple trauma and as we go ahead in the story with the inspector we realize that it’s not because of the bad phase that we go through in our life but it’s because of the pain of the bad phase we cling on to is the root problem. It’s easy to feel pain rather than suffering through the consequences I know, I am not going deep enough with the story. After all, I don’t wanna burst your bubble so just go ahead and watch it.

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No Smoking – A man wants to quit his smoking habit but is unable to quit his smoking habit even after trying millions of ways to quit it.

Director – Anurag Kashyap

Filmy Gyaan: No matter how big of a Kashyap fan you might be, you might have not heard of this movie that has been written and directed by this great thriller director. The protagonist (John Abraham) leans on to an agency because they give him 100% assurance that they will make him quit his addiction just for a total fee inclusive of taxes of 1 rupee. This is a neo-noir/Psychological Thriller that metaphorically expresses that addiction cannot be left with outer dedication like moral support/financial capability but purely through the personal dedication of how badly you wanna achieve your goal. I have been a smoker since I started my Jr.college and I continued to be a chain smoker thinking that it’s just a passing phase of life, just to ending up being a guy who needed to smoke a lot during work working hours.

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Kartik Calling Kartik- Kartik keeps getting strange calls from a person claiming to be him which is ridiculous but this guy knows more about Kartik than himself how is it possible?

Director – Vijay Lalwani

Filmy Gyaan: I am a sociopath myself maybe that why my opinion will hurt also that’s why I like this movie but then again I am sure you readers will find your peculiar reason to like this Psycho-Thriller. FYI, just to clear it out to you both often blame others and have excuses for their behavior. Some experts see Sociopaths as “hot-headed.” They act without thinking about how others will be affected. Well for me the trailer itself was good enough to watch the movie till the end in terms of the direction, screenplay and climax is pretty indulging couldn’t have guessed that there is something like this that can happen to a lonely person. Most Sociopaths become great leaders or kill themselves if failed to be one just like Hitler. Kartik is a sociopath who is naturally violent about everything in life and tries to change his violent behavior because he finally finds a girlfriend who loves him but hates his violent personality.

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Mardani 2- SP Shivani Roy is back to solve a crime of a serial rapist.

Director – Pradeep Sarkar

Filmy Gyaan: It’s like an Indian version of Jack The Reaper. Those who don’t know who is Jack The Reaper don’t worry just remember he was a Psycho killer whose real identity is a conspiracy but he is said to be a wealthy two-faced doctor who used to be polite to rich-bitchy people because they used to pay for his bread and butter and used to kill poor women forced into prostitution for his self pleasures. Psychopaths are “cold-hearted” and calculating. They carefully plot their moves and use aggression in a planned-out way to get what they want. Not pointing fingers at any political party or politicians but most of the independently corrupt politicians are Psychopaths. So, if you actually wanna learn how a corrupt mind thinks you’ll love this movie.

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