3 Ways to Harness Motivation & Conquer Your Toughest Goals: Unleash Your Driving Force

Unleash Your Driving Force

Unleash your driving force

The stored energy inside us urges us to make decisions. This energy can be an instinct or a gut feeling. Have you noticed that sometimes when something crucial is about to happen, our gut somehow knows, and there is this strong weird feeling that tries to tell what is about to happen? That is also a form of energy within us. Now call it spiritual or godly; these energies exist and help you push you towards a certain direction. It can be your Driving Force. Spirituality may be an unrealistic concept to believe in, but then again, the entire world is made up of beliefs, and believe it or not, it is pretty much running on beliefs and faith.

What is the driving force?

The driving force is the urge to succeed. It’s the power accumulated within that pushes you to make your dreams a reality. Everyone has a plan and a picture of that plan working out exactly they thought it would. This plan is your ‘vision’ or ‘idea’. Your driving force merely helps you to turn it into a reality. Your driving force is just waiting for you to act in the direction it pushes you to. Even though you feel stuck sometimes, its the driving force that will get you back in motion.

One of the important factors that add to your path of success is to realize that you have a driving force. This only comes in by believing in yourself and your work. Once you gain confidence in yourself, make your end goals clear for yourself. If your vision is flaky and blurry, it gets easier for negative energy to cause hindrances. One of the negative energies to block your way is doubt. If you doubt your abilities, so will others. Your self-doubt will convince your driving force that you do not want to achieve your dreams. It’s like forcing a bird to not fly and stay in a cage.

How many times have you come across “be confident” posts? And how many times have you thought that it’s a load of lies?

To be honest, it’s not. It takes a small effort to make a change in life and only a small change to make you gain confidence in yourself. The best version of yourself comes out when you have confidence. You attract what you deserve when you are the best version of yourself and have faith in yourself to take on the world. The driving force only works in your favor when you do.

It may be a little difficult to push yourself to start, but once you do start, there’s no stopping. The hunger to succeed is addicting. If you find yourself lacking that hunger, then maybe it’s time to introspect your goals. Looking at your goals every now and then will help you refresh the reasons for your journey. It will help your driving force to lead you to the correct way.

Know your reasons

To kick start your journey to the top of the mountain, it’s necessary to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Get clarity for your reasons. Are you climbing the mountain for the journey? Are you climbing it for the view? It’s important to acknowledge that all your reasons are valid. Just being unaware of your reasons is not acceptable. Do the needful for You and not because everyone is doing it. Simply following the clout will not help you or your driving force to push to your way of success.

Know what makes you happy. Know the paths that make your heart content. The ways that will give you the satisfaction of achieving your steps to the final goal. Find what motivates you. Take your time to set things in place. Once you have everything set, do not lose focus. Keep your eyes on the prize, and trust your driving force.

Your instincts will take you where you want to be. Trust it.

How to keep yourself motivated

Surround yourself with things that motivate you. If it’s a poster, make sure it’s placed in a place that is in your sight most frequently. If you think your company had different goals than yours, change them. Surround yourself with people who have the same ideals as you. “Great minds think alike”, so having people with the same goals as you can help your growth considerably.

Keep small items around your desk that remind you of the reasons for your goals. Small notes to help yourself get through tough times. Practice listing priorities. Your priorities will help you focus on the important aspects.

People with 100% commitment got each other’s backs; hence, bond with people that have the same kind of hunger as you for a better quality of life. Hold on to those people. They will often be your much-needed motivators and your favorite cheerleaders.

Give yourself a break.

All machines need to recharge from time to time. You are no different. Give yourself a break. Do not feel guilty about taking a break. You will not be left behind. Giving yourself rest will only prepare you for a better run tomorrow.

Everybody goes through a stage where situations in the surroundings seem to be a threshold. Feeling stuck in one place is okay, but that is no reason to stop trying. Giving yourself a break does not mean that you have given up. It does not mean that you have stopped trying. It just means that you have reached a gas station and need refueling.

There is nothing wrong with kicking back and relaxing once in a while.

You are your biggest enemy. If you limit yourself and sulk into thoughts that make your goals seem impossible, you will not move even an inch away from where you are right now. In times like these, even your driving force will give up and go back to sleep. The key is to act on that large wave of instinct to make a change.

The problems you face today cannot be solved by the same old processes you have been comfortable using all your life. To make a difference, you need to come up with innovative ways to tackle hardships. Your driving force will help you to bring out the best in you. The only condition of the driving force is that you need to believe in it.

How to act on it?

Pick up a pen and paper. Write down 2-3 goals in life that you feel you need to achieve in the next eight months.

Read aloud once so that the driving force can hear you loud and clear.

Write where you are right now.

Write about ways to achieve the goals you wrote above.

Keep this paper where you can access it easily.

The point of this activity is to make your goals clear, awaken your driving force and yourself. The driving force will help you bridge the gap between your current position and your goals.

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