Difference Between Feminism & Fake or Pseudo Feminism – Beware of the Faux!

Understanding Real vs. Pseudo Feminism: Embrace the Truth, Reject the Faux

Unity in Diversity: Women Empowering Feminism Through Solidarity and Action.

Draupadi, Sita, Radha, Rukmani, Kaushalya, Menaka, Parvati, Devaki – Most women and goddesses in Hindu Mythology exemplify the true picture of Premchand’s patriarchy. In India, women are treated as an incarnation of goddesses however it is often heard that why is it that there is such blatant violence and discrimination against women in a country where so many goddesses are worshiped.

Feminism is a principle that was introduced to safeguard the rights of women on the grounds of equality. Feminism, in simple terms, implies that no sex should be treated unjustly. They should receive equal status and rights. However, lately, there has been evolving a new kind of feminism that can be regarded as pseudo/fake feminism.

Fake feminists have a deep desire to fix all the injustices inflicted on women often by dreaming or lashing out at men. What they miss is the fundamental essence of the crusade towards equality. We often do not recognize but fake feminism is all around us, clandestinely covered behind feminism. The women are striving everywhere for equal rights however some do not waste a minute pointing a guy sitting on a seat reserved for ladies to vacate it.

If true feminism has to be followed then all of the victims should be regaled equally. Victims would cease to be regarded as male or female but only victims of abuse. However, it is sad to say that this is not the case.


Feminism is a series of political movements, social movements, and philosophies strived at developing, identifying, and achieving political, gender, social, personal, and cultural equality. Feminism expresses the idea that our societies favor the point of view of men, and that women in such societies are unfairly treated. Efforts to change such norms include withstanding gender stereotypes and seeking to achieve equal professional and educational opportunities for women and men.

Feminist movements have supported and will continue to support the rights of women including the right to vote, work, equal pay, earn fair wages, obtain employment, own land, have equal rights within marriage, stand against the gender pay gap, have maternity leave and ultimately protect girls and women from sexual harassment, rape, and domestic violence.

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Fake feminism

There are feminists and then fake feminists come along. Fake feminists suggest that people of other genders do not deserve respect or majorly the women deserve more respect. Living in a society where women come across various challenges every day is tough and the terrible part is that some people mistreat the term feminism. On social media, very few people understand what is feminism and they end up being fake feminists. Do fake feminists strive for equal treatment? No, they strive to build a world that is solely governed by women. Fake feminism and hypocrisy get a melting pot here.

People who understand what feminism is, do not usually wear the feminist badge. These are the people who strive for good education for their daughters and want them to fulfill their dreams. Some women like to serve their husbands with food; some want to take care of their children and their house than work. The choice of choosing household chores does not make them slaves as it is entirely up to them to decide what they want to do.

Difference between feminism and fake feminism

A feminist might be a woman, man, or anyone who believes sex should not be an aspect in deciding what women’s rights are. It is a belief that seeks gender equality; it strives for equal education and equal opportunities that a man is given in his life. Furthermore, it aims at eradicating stereotypes built up for women which have been prevailing for ages.

Fake feminists have managed to manipulate the definition of feminism, seeking any chance to take revenge rather than bringing equality. While they are biased in stimulating their community, cause, or sex, feminists strive for equality rather than superiority. All in all, we highly need to support the notion of gender equality and lend women the opportunities, the rights they deserve however, what we do not need is people spreading unrest and hate in the name of feminism.


Feminism is a philosophy encompassed by all educated and logical people across the globe, however, it is not a fair game when women in the edge of feminism target men and engage in the assassination of personality or character. Everywhere around the Indian culture we pray and look up to goddesses. The ones who stand up to spread fake feminism do more harm than good. Some people are forever going to stand up to fight for women’s rights and women have to ratify that to bring a change in society.

Fake feminism pertains to spreading the supremacy of women and hatred against men. It is not about equality but rather about revenge for the predominance, atrocities, and abuse that women face in society. However, the most disturbing fact is about how these fake feminists scout renounces in all men do, discovering ways to make them bad in front of the society, depicting them as suspects if nothing goes right for them or as per their choices, then playing the victim card. Therefore, half-baked knowledge is dangerous than ignorance, so it is generous to examine and understand the situation and keep the mark of the shreds of evidence before pointing people with terms like a pervert so that all the struggles that have been undergone for decades to empower women for equality do not get wasted.

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