How to Become a Home Chef in India: 10 Happy Steps to Start Earning
How To Become a Home Chef in India: 10 Proven Steps to Start Earning Today

Are you a foodie? Love cooking and enjoying the cooked food? Can you make money while cooking, which you really love doing?

If yes, then this post is definitely for you. I’ll tell you how to get into the home chef business and start earning in India.

Let me first tell you a few things about this profession. Although this job is not everyone’s cup of tea, if you have the passion about cooking, there is nothing that can stop you from following your dream.

It may have to begin with small things like baking cakes or making sandwiches for a few people in your family or amongst your friends, but with time and practice, your skills definitely will improve to a level where people will come running, asking for some great dish from your kitchen.

And once this happens, it is high time you begin considering maturing into a professional home chef who can cook anything under the sun!

So if you are ready to dive into this exciting world of cooking, let’s get started!

Below are some of the things you need to know if you want to be a home chef and start earning in India:

What does a Home Chef mean?

Home Chef A person cooking for others in houses. Home chefs are termed to be those individuals who are not related to any restaurant or café; in fact, they have their own kitchens or backyards from where they prepare food and deliver it to their clients at their homes or workplaces. Still, most of the home chefs prepare pre-ordered meals from the clients, while some also hold the option to sell customized orders if ingredients are available or they feel like making something new.

Do You Need a Special License?

No, in India there is no designated license for a home chef, but there are associated regulations around the type of food a home chef can make and deliver. For example, it has to be healthy and not have dangerous bacteria, such as salmonella or E. coli, which can cause sickness.

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Therefore, here is a kind of step-by-step guide for those who allow themselves to come around to it, really make that leap:

Step 1: Enroll in a class to learn how to

The first thing that comes to mind, if you are really serious about the idea of being a home chef, is enrolling in a cooking course. They are available online, and some are in person, allowing you to learn everything from the most basic skills, such as vegetable chopping, to more advanced techniques, like making sauces or pastries.

Step 2: Choose your cooking style

The choice of style would depend largely on the kind of food one wants to prepare and also on one’s own preferences. Some people love to cook with meat, and some like to prepare vegetarian dishes. So, decide what suits you before moving on to which type of cooking style to follow.

Step 3: Get your tools

After you have finished the course, gather all your tools including but not limited to pots, pans, cutting knives for vegetables as well as meat, measuring cups and spoons, graters for cheese and spices—you name it! And especially more when you are going to dish up something fancy, these things must be important! Besides, you want to make sure it’s all clean before using it!

Step 4: Determine what is needed

Every chef requires specific ingredients in order to be able to cook their meals the way it needs to be cooked. Some of them may be hard to find in India, but they’re available on the net at reasonable prices as well! You should check, before purchasing, on whether these products are healthy or not, because your cooking shouldn’t be a hindrance to your health in any possible way.

Step 5. Start Cooking in

That is once you’ve decided on the type of cuisine you want to specialize in, the rest is up to you to practice the cooking you need at home. Be it for either yourself or for your friends and family – it doesn’t matter.

Step 6: Host a Home-based Food Tasting Party

A food-tasting event can also be excellent marketing for your products, and it is a very good way to get feedback from people. It’s a great way to create new friends and mingle with them. Organizing an event is very simple. Then, just prepare some kinds of great snacks and invite people over. You can charge them a small entry fee, and they will be content because they get to eat some great great food at your house!

Step 7: Take Honest Feedback

The best way to work up your cooking skills is to get some feedback from people. They might be your neighbors or family friends, or you could even meet them on the street. Just let them be your tasters and come back with their honest opinion. This is a awesome way to keep yourself on the right path while handling your cooking challenges.

Step 8: Keep Track of your orders

And now it’s time to celebrate when finally you can sell your food with repeat orders from customers and a few new customers. And this is so because this means that you are now making money from the food you make. You have just become the live-in chef!

You could be telling yourself, “But I’m not a professional chef!” That’s okay—you don’t have to be certified or have years of experience under your belt to make it as a chef. Just marketing and selling your creations is half the battle already!

Step 9: Create A Web Page

Develop an online menu letting people check out your stuff and order whatever they want. You can even offer to create food for birthday parties and weddings. Sell your product on Amazon, Flipkart, traditional brick-and-mortar shops, and even from your outlet or restaurant.

Step 10: Taking Care of Your Kitchen

So you are a chef. You’ve just begun the first step in business and entrepreneurship; now, you must learn how to make sure your business runs professionally and efficiently. You have to know how to care for your kitchen equipment and manage its cleanliness so that there will be no health issues with your customers or even yourself.

The key is to keep quality high, despite now having to compete with so many other home chefs. Consider expanding the scope of your menu and breathing new life into your business while you keep moving toward being consistent. With blogging, social media, press releases, and so much more, it’s so easy in this day and age to market yourself as a home chef pro.

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