7 Toxic Phrases to Avoid in Relationship Disputes: How to Preserve Love During Conflicts

Navigate Relationship Struggles: Avoid These 7 Harmful Phrases in Arguments

Resolving conflicts in a relationship is essential for maintaining harmony.

Fights and arguments are inevitable in a relationship and if there are not any fights, is it even a relationship, to begin with? As dramatic and toxic fights can be, they are a feature of longevity and strength in a healthy relationship between you and your partner. Unless of course, the arguments revolve around unsolved or more serious matters.

A relationship without any arguments often leads to the non-communication of important sentiments and thoughts that get left behind and ultimately unsettled. So instead of losing your patience with your partner now and then for their drawbacks, maybe address your issues, discuss, and put forward your point across in a healthy manner.

Sometimes though, it is hard to control the things you said to one another in a fit of anger, leading to more problems to deal with in the future, just because of spoken words. While it is healthy to fight, it is significant to keep in mind the words you speak out loud in arguments since words do hold a lot of weightage, bad or good.

Here are 7 Toxic Phrases to Avoid During Relationship Fights: Preserving Love Amidst Conflict. Some of the completely worse things which you should avoid saying during a fight and keep a check on, to carry forward a healthy relationship.

I will leave

Deep within you know that you will not and you love your partner so much to leave. So, what is the need to threaten him in the first place? This is the worst thing one can do to torment your partner. Empty threats often lead to the wrong direction and can affect your relationship extremely. So please, refrain from doing it! It is a heartless thing to say and can cause anxiety and fear. If you love your better half, do not make him suffer this emotional trauma.

Blame game

Blaming one another unnecessarily without thinking about what went wrong can extend the fight even more. Not to mention that it annoys the other partner immensely. Even if you think it was the fault of your partner, do not say it then and there. Instead, make some efforts and explain it once the fight is over, and when you both are in a peaceful state of mind.

Do you even love me?

Questioning your partner’s love is the silliest thing one can do during a fight and yet we all do it! Just because you are having a fight or an argument, does not take away his love from your relationship. It is okay to have an argument or fight, and that just substantiates you both have an opinion of your own. Having an opinion is always a good thing however do not question love. It will only damage your relationship.

Bringing up past quarrels

You probably do not want your relationship to turn toxic, right? So do not dig the old grave because no one likes to blame time and again for old hatchets. Neither will your partner be ready to take up all that in-between of the fight. Do not yell at your partner for past incidences. Imagine yourself in that situation at the receiving end. Multiple accusations bring attacks and retaliations. Rather, try to focus on the current issue and try to fix it calmly.

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Calling each other names

A lot of us do this mistake in between a fight. When you are angry or hurt, you do not realize what you are saying and it often goes to an extent of name-calling. A relationship should stay clear of any vitriol or abuse, be it physical or verbal. Name-calling will only heat the situation and demean your love. Couples often indulge in character assassination during a verbal fight. However, you need to calm yourself down and draw the line somewhere.

Personal attacks

There comes a point in a fight or in an argument, where winning the argument becomes the aim and you lose focus and get diverted from the real issue. To win the argument one would go to any extent, even personal attacks for that matter. This is something you should refrain from doing. It will drive your love and emotions into a negative space, and to get back from there can be impossible.

I hate you

Sure, there is a thin line between hate and love, and at the given moment you probably do hate him however, if you still love him, you should certainly avoid saying such things that you don’t mean. Believe it or not, this one can sting and somewhere break your partner’s feelings.

Wrapping Up!

It is natural to indulge in arguments and fights and even say some bad things though you did not mean them. However, these things can cause irremediable damage. So, avoid saying such things at any cost. Because bullet left from a gun and words uttered from the mouth can never be taken back! Yes, fighting leads to stress. And you may want to avert another fight by cutting it off at the pass however, saying these things is a surefire way to turn a fight from bad to worse. Instead, lean in and be good. Acknowledge by including in a conversation with your partner and try to understand each other’s viewpoint.

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