Mumbai Storm News 2024: Detailed Insights into the Catastrophic Rainfall and Billboard Tragedy

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Rescue teams at work in Ghatkopar during the Mumbai storm news 2024, following a devastating billboard collapse that claimed lives and caused widespread disruption.

Mumbai got its first taste of rainfall this monsoon. On 13th May, around 3 PM, the sky clouded and a severe dust storm took over the city. This article hence goes on to detail the happenings, impacts on the city, and critical safety measures including an update on the recent atrocious incident that took place due to the storm.

Mumbai Storm News 2024: Comprehensive Overview

A tragedy was witnessed in which a 100-foot tall illegal billboard, weakened by the heavy rain and winds, crashed down onto a busy petrol pump at Cheddanagar Junction in the Ghatkopar area. It claimed at least 16 lives and left 70 others injured, as rescuers struggled to try and find people still trapped under the debris. Some critical emergency responses were reported after the Mumbai dust storm.

Emergency responders and rescue teams search through debris at night in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, following a devastating billboard collapse during the intense 2024 storm, underlining the urgent rescue efforts.

Immediate Aftermath of the Ghatkopar Billboard Collapse

It continued to batter the normal life of Mumbai and neighboring areas. Gusty winds with heavy rainfall lashed the suburbs of Dadar, Kurla, Mahim, Ghatkopar, Mulund, and Vikhroli. Light drizzles were reported in South Mumbai, while satellite towns such as Thane, Ambernath, Badlapur, Kalyan, and Ulhasnagar recorded moderate rainfall. NDRF rescue operations were in full swing using heavy machinery in the form of excavators to clear the wreckage and safely rescue the trapped people.

Emergency Responses to Mumbai Storm News 2024

Following the billboard collapse, the director of the company that owned the hoarding, Ego Media Pvt Ltd’s Bhavesh Bhinde, was booked under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code for culpable homicide not amounting to murder, among other charges. Bhinde is now on the run. However, he is in serious trouble not only because of this accident but also because of other issues that the police have now come across, including his involvement in a rape case where he has a trial pending.

This case has brought up an issue on public safety and accountability in Mumbai, and now the regulatory authorities are looking at the regulations that are posed in the matters of outdoor advertisement and its structural safety.

Impact of Mumbai Storm 2024 on Transportation and Safety

The sudden weather change has affected traffic movement in Mumbai, and most areas have been brought to a standstill as commuters are looking for shelter from the storm. Other areas such as Ghatkopar, Bandra Kurla, and Dharavi witnessed very heavy rainfall coupled with strong winds. The public transport has been hit badly:

The metro between Aarey and Andheri East was suspended after a banner had fallen over the overhead wires. Suburban services on Central Railway were delayed after an overhead equipment pole became bent between Thane and Mulund stations. A tree in Airoli Sector 5 of Navi Mumbai fell across the busy road and brought the entire road to a standstill, though fortunately no injuries were reported. Government Response Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde announced a compensation of five lakh for the family of each deceased victim.

This announcement was quick, as rescue operations were in full swing, and the whole city was reeling at the magnitude of the tragedy. The response of local government to incidents like this has been under scrutiny, with calls for better preparedness for disasters and enforcement of better safety regulation.

Collapsed billboard at a petrol station in Mumbai during the 2024 storm, with emergency personnel working to secure the area and aid victims, illustrating the critical aftermath of the storm.

Mumbai Storm News 2024 Latest Updates: Hoarding Collapse Kills, Raises Questions about Implementation and Safety

As the city continues to come to terms with the aftermath of the killer storm, fresh revelations have come in of the deadly hoarding collapse in Mumbai. The death toll now stands at 16 people, while over 70 others were injured. Indian Express reports a shocking report of the negligence of the city. BMC officials have been issuing warnings to the ad agency placing the hoarding, Ego Media Pvt Ltd, for the past one year without further action.

March 2023 was the first notice, regarding license fees owed but not paid. As a warning, dates like May 2, 2024, were taken for damage inflicted on local trees by the structure hoardings. Alarmingly, on the same day that the structure gave in to the fierce gales and fell down, a notice was put out for unauthorized advertisement panels on May 13, 2024. In a sense, these alerts set up a picture of missed opportunities that may have prevented the disaster, if stringent enforcement of the safety regulations was in place.

Damaged rickshaw lying amidst debris under a collapsed billboard in Mumbai, a stark aftermath of the 2024 storm, highlighting the extensive damage and chaos caused by the severe weather.

Impact and Ongoing Reactions from the News of the Mumbai Storm 2024

The above incident brings to the fore the larger question about urban safety and governance in the face of natural calamities. That demands a critical view on how the warnings were managed and what local authorities have done to prevent eventualities in a city susceptible to harsh weather conditions.


Lessons Learned and the Path Forward “The 2024 storm not only tested how prepared was the City for natural disasters but also brought to the fore gaping holes in urban planning and enforcement of safety”. Moving on, Mumbai has to focus on learning from the painful lessons in order to enhance the resilience of the city for future storms and ensure that no such calamity is repeated.

Frequently Asked Questions First Rain and Dust Storm News 2024 in Mumbai

Q1: What actions are being taken against the ad agency responsible for the collapsed hoarding?

A1: The Mumbai Police have started investigations against Ego Media Pvt Ltd. The ad agency faces legal actions for negligence and failure to comply with safety regulations, as highlighted by the repeated notices sent by BMC.

Q2: How is the local government responding to improve safety standards post-storm?

A2: In response to the storm and its aftermath, local authorities are reviewing and tightening regulations on outdoor advertising structures to ensure they meet safety standards. Efforts are also being intensified to enforce compliance with these regulations to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Q3: What safety precautions can residents of Mumbai take during severe storms?

A3: Residents should stay indoors during severe weather conditions, secure items that could be blown away or become hazardous, and stay informed through local news and weather updates. It’s also advisable to know emergency contact numbers and have a basic emergency kit ready.

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