Tragic Pune Porsche Accident Involving 17 Year Old Teen Driver Sparks Legal and Public Outcry
The Porsche Taycan involved in the tragic Pune accident that led to significant legal and public reactions.

The speeding car in Kalyani Nagar collided with a bike carrying two IT professionals, Ashwini Costa and Anis Awadhiya. Various charges, including potential drunk driving, have been lodged against the boy.

Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has promised tough action against the teen driver. He criticized the Juvenile Justice Board’s lenient punishment, which included a 300-word essay on accidents, 15 days of working with the traffic police, and counseling for alcohol use. Fadnavis emphasized the severity of the crime.

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Police allege that the minor, son of a prominent Pune realtor, was drinking with friends at a bar before the accident. The bar owners were arrested for allowing underage drinking, as the legal drinking age in Maharashtra is 25. Witnesses reported that Ashwini was thrown 20 feet in the air, and Anis was flung into a stationary car upon impact.

The boy’s release on bail within 15 hours of the incident sparked public outrage. His father faces charges under the Juvenile Justice Act for neglect and supplying alcohol to a minor. Fadnavis called for stricter measures to prevent similar incidents, including closing pubs violating regulations and increasing drink-driving checks.

Political tensions have arisen, with Uddhav Thackeray camp leader Sanjay Raut criticizing the police’s delayed response. Pune police commissioner Amitesh Kumar defended the police actions, stating that they sought permission to try the minor as an adult but were denied by the board. The police are now appealing to the District Court.

The Juvenile Justice Board granted bail to the minor with conditions aimed at rehabilitation, including working with traffic police, writing an essay on the accident, receiving treatment to quit drinking, and undergoing psychiatric counseling. Deputy Commissioner of Police Vijay Kumar Magar confirmed the juvenile’s apprehension and ongoing investigation, with charges of rash and negligent driving, endangering life, and violations under the Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Act.

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The Pune Porsche accident has highlighted issues of juvenile justice, legal accountability, and public safety, sparking widespread debate and calls for stricter enforcement of laws.

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