10 Easily Available Superfoods: Revitalize Your Body and Detoxify Naturally

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A good day of eating all our favorite foods can sometimes cause repercussions the next day. Greasy food can make your stomach feel heavy. While we fill our stomachs to the brim with the foods that we absolutely love, our digestion process starts to slow. It’s like when you’re trying to overload a juicing machine with as many fruits as possible. The juicer will still work but slowly along with stops. It’s necessary to measure the amount of food we eat. It’s an old Japanese belief that one should only fill their stomach only 80% out of its actual capacity. It’s best to eat less but spread out the meals throughout the day. It keeps the digestion system running while also using up the energy stored in the body. Although overeating is a habit best to leave, sometimes we can’t help ourselves. Even when the stomach is full, the mind wants more. Often this fullness of the stomach remains till the next day. So a healthy way to take care of your insides is to eat light foods. Light foods can help your body clean the greasiness of the day before and flush out the toxins that may have stuck to the inner lining of your stomach as well as your intestines. Call it a ‘Detox’ day, if you will.

The word detox definitely brings many crazy juice diets to mind, however, it’s best to eat fiber and other nutrients in their natural form. A 3 day cleanse will have your body rested enough and ready to take on the world, but it’s ideal to take baby steps and start with one day at a time. The way one has a skincare routine, cleaning routine, workout routine, having a detox routine may also benefit you in the same way. It will help you as well as your stomach feel lighter. Mind, soul, and body are three things that need the most attention, for these are the elements that you get through in your daily life. Clean eating can increase your metabolism. Put nutrition as a priority over taste. Plus nutritious food doesn’t need to taste bad. If you accept the detox plan, you might enjoy it and include it as a part of your life.

These food items below will help your body cleanse the insides and prepare it for smoother functioning.


Fruits are high in nutrition and fiber. Fiber is known to be easier to digest. It also absorbs the grease that may be stuck to the inner lining of your stomach. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is not just a proverb; it’s a reality.

Spinach and coconut

Leafy vegetables are always good for you. You have to “finish your greens” to boost metabolism. Spinach is the best leafy vegetable when it comes to detoxifying eating habits. It’s easier on the stomach. Coconut benefits your body in various ways. A little bit of crushed coconut sprinkled over boiled spinach will not only provide flavor to an otherwise dry dish but also fill your stomach faster.


Khichdi is an Indian dish that consists of rice, lentils, and porridge. It takes the most minimal spices to make. Since it’s semi-solid, it makes you feel full quicker and for a longer time. Dinner would be the best time to consume khichdi.


Porridge is another light and healthy option to eat when detoxifying.


Oats are versatile and can be consumed in many different ways. Oats idlis are easy to make. It is a prevalent dish because of its low-calorie count and excellent taste. As unique as it sounds, oats idlis are delicious and fulfilling. Oats can be cooked with milk with a topping of honey and nuts. It can also be cooked in water with salt and pepper to taste.


Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are a great snack to kill the in-between hunger. These are high and fiber and hence, easier to digest.


When talking about detox foods, there is no way the list can continue without mentioning soup. Soups are easy to make with the least cooking time. A slice of toasted bread will pair with the soup nicely. The combination will also pair perfectly with your cleanse.


Salads may have a name for not being tasty, but that is just a myth. If made correctly, salads are delicious. They are filling as well as good for your body. Salads are healthy and low in calories, which means you’re metabolism is about to get a boost.


Quinoa is like a substitute for rice. Quinoa with a side of the boiled chicken is very high in protein. The combined nutrition makes it a lot easier for the food to move ahead in the digestive system.


Eggs are the richest in protein. Although eggs contain heat, it flushes the toxins and helps the body to maintain its energy to run through the day. While on a cleanse, the ideal way to consume eggs is to boil them. Boiling the eggs takes away the heat from it. Scrambled eggs with minimal to no oil, are another healthy dish to include in your detox.

These are only a few of the foods that will help the body heal from the junk we put in. These items are the most effective; it’s advised to consult a dietician. Also, note that this is not a diet plan. These are simply suggestions to relieve stress, strain, and contamination from the body. All the machines need cleaning and oiling frequently; so does your body. Thank it for the efforts it takes to get you through anything. In the end, just like you, your digestive system also deserves a rest.

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